2013 Season Reveiw

2013 started out COLD, then stayed that way for a long time. Record snow falls in April made for challenging conditions, but for those who braved the elements there were rewards!

Tom_s_24_22 Steelhead

The upside to the high water and frigid conditions was that we found good numbers of Steelhead right up to Memorial day, and that would have continued had it not been for a huge rain event that made the river unfishable for the next week.


The Regular trout opener in May brought more of the same cold and snow, again with an upside.


With cold temperatures and fresh snow, opening day was a tough one, but by Sunday temperatures started to rise, along with some very nice Browns and Brookies to Hendricksons. 2013 was one of the best Hendrickson years in memory, with the hatch lasting well into the 3rd week of May.


The Brown Drake hatch was incredible, with high water, cool temps and a lot of overcast days, we saw daytime hatches and spinner falls with regularity. The Hex hatch proved to be somewhat spotty, but lasted forever. we saw the giant Mayflies into the 3rd week of July.

Mousing was on par for what it has been, with no giant fish taken this year, but very good numbers of fish in the 15 to 18 inch range and a few bigger.


The Brule’s brook trout population seems to be doing well. A lot of Brule fisherman (including myself) say that the number and size of Brook Trout is better that it has been in their memory!

The Fall runs of Steelhead and Browns seemed pretty good. fish were caught very consistently throughout September, October and November, both nymphing and on swung flies.



Lastly, The Grouse hunting was a pleasant surprise! With the afore mentioned late, wet Spring coupled with decreased Spring drumming counts, I was really expecting a tough go for grouse. To my surprise, the hunting was actually pretty good, with flush rates of 3 to 4 grouse per hour consistently throughout the season!


Woodcock flight were fantastic as usual, with mornings of 30 flushes not uncommon. I really don’t know how you could want, or expect to have better woodcock hunting anywhere!


I’d like to thank ALL of you who used our services in 2013, and am looking forward to a great 2014


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