It’s been a while

I am horrible at keeping up to date on some things, this fishing reports page being o ne of them. My apologies.

As we get closer to Spring Steelhead, I can feel my motivation growing at about the same rate as the increasing minutes of daylight each week that passes.

This winter I’ve passed the time by going to a few fly fishing shows, doing a few presentations, tying flies and working on wood canoes. We have a couple of shows coming up that we’re looking forward to, the first is the Badger Spring Opener in Madison WI. Keith Behn will be manning the Fly by Night Guide Service booth on Saturday February 14, so stop by and say “hi” to Keith! Next up will be the Hawkeye Fly Fishers Expo in Dubuque IA February 20-22. We haven’t been to this one before, and are really looking forward to it!

Canoe Projects are going well. The 1911 Joe Lucius Canoe should be on the water some time in June. I cannot describe how much I am looking forward to paddling this amazing piece of Brule River history down the waters she was built for!


This Offseason has brought a new member to the Fly by Night  family. In December Grouse Point’s Black Ghost (Casper) came home. Casper is out of the Same Kennel as Woof, and is displaying a lot of the same qualities as his big brother! I have high hopes for this new pup! We’ve spent a lot of time in the grouse woods this Winter and from the amount of birds around, I think next fall has the potential to be one of the best in decades!


There is very little snow pack in the Brule Valley, which means we should not be blown out for the entire Spring like we were last year. Fishing last fall was steady, not spectacular, but fluctuations are to be expected in a 100% wild population of steelhead. There were enough fish around to keep it interesting, and I would expect this Spring to be about the same.



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