Opening Day


This years Opener is going to look a lot different than lasts! The snow is gone, the river isn’t low, but its not high either. With no snow left in the woods, the spring melt is already behind us. We can expect good fishing conditions well in to the foreseeable future. Steelhead will be onĀ  gravel soon, trying to produce future generations of Wild Brule River Steelhead!

A few things to consider this Spring when you’re out there chasing these magnificent fish:

Our Steelhead numbers have been down 2 of the past 3 seasons, the fishery is still in good shape, but we as anglers can do a few things to help it bounce back as quickly as possible.

Please quickly release all your Steelhead

If you see fish up in shallow water, on gravel, they are spawning! Please leave them alone to preform this right of Spring that insures generations of Steelhead to come!

Respect other fisherman, the landowners and the fish.

Good luck to all this season

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