Past Brule Reports

Fall Run Brule River Brown

Fall Run Brule River Brown

Fishing Report 4-10-2012

This past weekend we saw lots of action! Most of the fish we hooked were “Drop Backs”. There still seems to be good numbers of Steelhead around. Most were caught with the standard Nymph and egg rigs, but a fair number were hooked on swung streamers! I would expect that the fishing should remain good to fair for the next week or so judging by the number of fish we’ve seen this past week.Drop Backs

Fishing Report: 4-3-2012

Water conditions on the Brule are good right now. A little rain wouldn’t hurt.  Quite a few fish have spawned and are dropping back. Fishing should remain pretty good for the next 10 days to 2 weeks, and will most likely get pretty spotty after that.


Brule River Report 10/9/11:

It’s been a rough week in the Brule Valley.  The river is low and clear. There are definitely some Steelhead and Cohos around but they are very skittish. We have been working very hard for a fish or two. With rain last night and good chances of rain over the next several days, this should help stir things up and put the fish back into their comfort zone.

Seeing good numbers of grouse and woodcock, but the warm weather is tough on the dog, looking forward to things cooling down a bit. This will help both the fishing and hunting.

Brule River Report September 21, 2011

This has been a truly fabulous summer of fishing on the upper Brule!  The population of Brook Trout has never been better in my years on the Brule. Lots of nice fish in the 11 to 13 inch range and we even put 3 Brookies in the net this summer pushing the 15 inch mark. The Brown Trout population is doing well also. Good numbers of fish in the 15 to 18 inch range, mixed in with the occasional “Bruiser” has made for some great days (and nights) on the water.

As September winds down, it’s time to turn our attention to Steelhead.  There have been reports of some fish showing up on the lower river.  The water is a little on the low side and very clear. Think small flies and light tippet!
This fall’s grouse and woodcock outlook appears to be excellent!  I’ve been seeing good numbers of grouse all summer long.  The past few weeks the woodcock have been showing themselves along roadways at dusk, there seems to be very good numbers of them!

Brown Trout 9-21-11

Fishing Report 04/03/2011:

The Brule continues to fish well.  Today’s rain/snow is pushing water levels up a little, but not too bad.  The lower river will probably be a little dark for the next couple of days, but should clear fast.  Reports of a few bright fish around, but most of what I’ve seen have been pretty dark.

Bule report 4-3-11


Fishing Report 3/29/11

Quick trip to the Brule this afternoon. It was worth the drive. 2 for 3

Quick Trip1

Fishing Report 03/28/2011:

The Brule is in very nice shape right now.  It’s a little on the low and clear side, but the fish are there.  We got out for a few hours on Sunday afternoon and hooked 6 fish between the three of us.  All the fish we hooked were on egg patterns and were in deep slow moving water, as expected with water temps maxing out around 35 or 36 degrees.

Saturday was spent chasing trout on inland waters. We were greeted by slush flowing down the river and air temperatures of below zero.  Only hooked a couple of fish, but one of them was truly an exceptional one.  Fly By Night guide Service Partner and guide Steve Therrien landed a true beast.  24 inches long and very girthy!

Steve's 24 inch brown

Fishing Report: March 8, 2011

Another season is upon us!  This past weekend’s conditions were less than perfect, but we still managed to get out there and hook a few fish.  We saw a (very) few Little Black Stones fluttering around, but not nearly enough to inspire any surface activity.  Fished low and slow with #14 Prince Nymphs and hooke a few fish.  It’s good to be back out there!

First fish of 2011